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For one of the most rapid methods of enjoying cannabis, try transdermal application. Simply put a dropper full of cannabis tincture under your tongue. You’ll feel the effects fast, and that’s exactly what both recreational and medicinal cannabis users want.

Known as sublingual tincture absorption, it’s a process of taking in the benefits of cannabis through the permeable, absorbent, and strong layer of skin under the tongue. It’s a common method of delivery for some vitamins and herbal supplements, so it should be no surprise that the cannabis industry has recently created new products for enthusiasts to try.

Wondering how the sublingual tincture process really works? Read on.

What is a Sublingual Tincture?

Sublingual tinctures are made through the extraction process. To start, farmworkers will harvest and transport cannabis flowers, leaves, and stems to laboratories. There, scientists will use a number of different methods to separate the chemical compounds of the plant from the fibrous materials.

Each company has a different method for this processing. Some will soak the plant in MCT or another kind of oil. Some will blast the plants with high pressure or specific chemicals. You’ll want to check the label to understand if some of the compounds found in cannabis were isolated as part of the extraction procedure.

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How Do You Use a Cannabis Tincture?

Supplement tinctures are either in an alcohol or an oil substrate, and cannabis is most commonly found as an oil in a small, glass bottle with a dropper lid. This packaging makes it easier to gauge the serving size of your dose so that you can adjust it as necessary.

To consume the product, squeeze the dropper to draw up the amount of cannabis you’d like. Depending on the individual, this may be a half of a dropper or an entire dropper full. Depending on the reason for use, you may want to use it in the morning and at night.

Place the liquid under your tongue and hold it for 15 to 20 seconds before swallowing. Wait to recognize the effects before consuming more.

Why Should You Hold It Under Your Tongue?

That’s exactly how the sublingual intake process works. Unlike inhalation of smoke or vape, or digestion that occurs with edibles, the sublingual process is transdermal. The chemical compounds of cannabis, such as the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, are absorbed into your bloodstream through the skin under your tongue.

Unlike topical application, the chemicals don’t just stay where it touches. Cannabis salves and creams, for example, are best used for on-the-spot relief. Sublingual tinctures benefit the entire body. It takes a few seconds for the absorption to occur, so don’t swallow it immediately.

Why Use a Sublingual Tincture?

There are plenty of reasons that you would consider enjoying cannabis in this way. For one, it’s ideal for those with compromised lung capacity, making smoking or vaping difficult. Edibles may be effective, but this method works faster than simple digestion. Also, tinctures also are an effective and discreet method for enjoyment when other methods are not feasible.