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The Premier Haute Luxury Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery in NAPA California

The Herbivore is the quintessential expression of Napa Valley’s ‘soil-to-guest’ cannabis experience.

Napa Valley’s Premier Cannabis Dispensary

The Herbivore’s Napa dispensary is dedicated to offering a menu of superior cannabis products that are the apex of purity, strength and taste.

The Herbivore menu is curated to the highest of standards. Our selective offerings have been hand picked to ensure superior levels of potency and flavor, with a guarantee that our brands are all lab tested and free of deadly pesticides. We provide our guests with a full spectrum of choices for every discerning level of taste.







Herbivore’s Special Offers

* One promotion per guest, per visit.

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Thank God It's Flower

Special savings on select flower brands at The Herbivore every Friday.

Wellness Wednesday

Special Discounts

Select wellness products on special every Wednesday.


15% off

For senior citizens (65+ years young) from The Herbivore.


15% off

The Herbivore offers this special discount for our heroic veterans.

Raising the standard of Cannabis Retail – Herbivore offers its guests a Tasting Room Environment

We are dedicated to exceptional service; unparalleled in product quality; provoking in our boutique design; committed to the pursuit of a balanced life; and focused on health, recreation and knowledge. We are The Herbivore of Napa Valley, awakening excellence by raising the standard of the guest experience.

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Medical Card ( Optional )

The Herbivore offers an easy and secure online process that will provide you with a California approved Medical Cannabis license for a full year. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes. You will be able to place your order immediately after.