Professor Snook’s — AC/DC Ease Tincture (1oz) (30ml)

THCA: 9.6mgCBD: 8.7mgCBDA: 272.7mg

ACDC is the original, and we think the finest, CBD-rich cultivar. It’s a friendly, gentle strain of cannabis that’s given relief to thousands of people of all ages. Well-known for its very high-CBD, low THC content, ACDC is virtually totally non-psychoactive – whether or taken in tincture, smoked or vaporized. Our ACDC flowers are high in terpenes, adding to the benefits of this unique plant.
Significant ongoing research is being conducted into the beneficial qualities of 20:1 CBDs, and their use in easing certain chronic conditions. Our customers also love it to relieve excessive mind chatter, general stress and procrastination, while boosting focus and productivity.

Ingredients: premium organic olive oil, fresh ACDC cannabis flowers.


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