NUG — GG4 (1/8th)

THC: 24.00%

Lineage: Chem’s Sis x Sour Dubb x Choc. DSL

An extremely powerful hybrid, GG4 is known to leave you ‘glued’ to the couch. Its smell is downright intoxicating, giving off earthly aromas of pine, fuel and dark chocolate. Its buds are sugary white and sticky. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy.
An accidental cross, literally saved from the garbage, GG4 burst onto the cannabis breeding scene in 2014 and has been relentlessly popular ever since. A major elaboration on the Chemdog line, GG4 delivers on nasty fuel-and-mustard aromas, balanced with an unmistakable chocolaty under current. With densely-frosted buds, GG4 is a serious resin producer, regularly hitting high potency marks and producing huge yields of terpy extracts, GG4 has rapidly secured itself a place in cannabis history.


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Nabione / Nabis
24.00 %

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