Herba Buena — Quiver Oil (30ml)

Awarded “Best Intimacy Product of 2018” by SF Chronicle Green State. With vanilla, cinnamon, and clove, this topical and edible delight enhances arousal and stimulation, heightens sensation, lubricates, eases intercourse, and extends orgasm. Made with organic coconut and essential oils with a balanced pH, it may also help maintain vaginal health, tone soft tissue, and support a luscious level of moisture. Formulated with a micro-dose of THC, it also relaxes soft tissue to ease painful intercourse and menstrual cramps. It’s stimulating without being hot.

30ml bottle Ingredients: Coconut oil,* cannabis, a whisper of black pepper,* vanilla,* cinnamon,* and clove.* (* = organic)

Directions: Shake bottle before each use. Apply topically, massage daily in and around your private parts. Wait 20 minutes for full effect. Repeat as desired. Not latex condom safe.


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